Transition to School

Within the preschool programme teachers create a sense of continuity between the preschool and primary school setting. Through children’s emergent learning opportunities in their daily play, teachers listen carefully to their needs, interests and learning dispositions and develop these further with the child by offering them new resources and language to support their development.

Teachers at Freyberg Community Preschool meet with all the Freyberg Primary School new entrant teachers on a regular basis and share learning from both environments.  Both learning environments are closely aligned to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all children.  Occasionally we will take several of our older children who are about to move onto the school environment for a morning visit to their new class, and at times the new entrant classes may visit us at preschool. We are one big learning community here at Freyberg!!!



We visit the school library on a weekly basis, regularly attend junior school assemblies, and participate in Athletics Day, Cultural Day, Productions and other celebration and events happening throughout the school.

We hope your child, you and your whanau enjoy your time at Freyberg Community Preschool.

Please feel free to make yourself a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy your time at preschool.

Remember if you have any queries or concerns at any time; please speak to Karen and teachers.

We look forward to getting to know you and your whanau.